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Goal 2

Provide equity in access to transplants

Resource Allocation Benchmark: 30%

  • Improve equity in transplant opportunities for multi-organ and single organ candidates.
  • Reduce geographic disparity in access to transplant.
  • Develop a common policy framework for applying principles of geographic distribution to allocation policies across all organ systems.
  • Increase racial, ethnic, and professional diversity on the Board and committees to ensure a variety of perspectives are offered in the policy development process.
  • Increase opportunities for volunteer engagement and awareness of OPTN Board and committee opportunities.
  • Improve member and public engagement in the development of equitable allocation policies.
  • Develop an equity benchmark for candidates for each organ.
  • Analyze data on vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minority groups, age groups, and populations with physical/mental disabilities.
Key metrics
  • By 2021, the volunteer workforce will reflect the patient and professionals served by the OPTN.
  • By 2020, an increase in the number of OPTN volunteers who have an official assignment or role.
  • By 2019, at least a 10% increase in pool of interested volunteers to populate Board and committees.
  • By 2020, increase the median of individuals per cycle participating in the OPTN public comment period.
  • By 2019, develop an equity measure for candidates for each organ and measure equity in allocation, including geographic disparities and multi-organ disparities.
  • By 2021, a common policy framework for geographic distribution of organs will be in effect.