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Goal 1

Increase the number of transplants

Resource allocation benchmark: 40%

  • Pursue policies and system tools (e.g. donor offer filters) for more efficient donor/recipient matching to increase organ utilization.
  • Increase the number of kidney transplants arranged through kidney paired exchange programs.
  • Expand the use of collaborative improvement methodologies and models to increase organ utilization.
  • Evaluate metrics and monitoring approaches for increased collaboration and performance improvement activities when assessing transplant program and OPO performance.
  • Promote knowledge of and increase implementation of effective donation and procurement practices.
  • Improve ability to perform analysis of refusal reasons.
Key Metrics
  • By 2021, a decrease in time from first organ offer to acceptance for kidneys.
  • By 2021, an increase in national offer acceptance rates.
  • By 2020, an increase in transplants performed through kidney paired donation.
  • By 2020, an increase in utilization of organs from participants in collaborative improvement programs.
  • By 2021, provide expanded communication and educational materials on decreasing barriers to living donation