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Modify data submission policies

Proposal Overview

Status: Public Comment

Sponsoring Committee: Data Advisory Committee

Strategic Goal: Promote the efficient management of the OPTN

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Read the proposal (PDF; 8/2019)

Contact: Pete Sokol

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You may be interested in this proposal if

  • You work for an OPO
  • You work for a histocompatibility lab
  • You work for a transplant hospital

Here’s what we propose and why

We propose changing the process for submitting data to allow for more accurate collection by extending the timelines for data submittal. In order to change data following the submission deadline, members will need to provide the following information in the data system:

  1. Indicate why data are changing
  2. Obtain approval from organizational leadership to make changes, and submit the approver’s name.

This proposal is being driven by the goal of having the most accurate, high-quality data at the time of entry.

Why this may matter to you

These actions improve the widespread availability of trusted, complete, and accurate data for members seeking to use it for performance improvement.

High-quality data will also improve the policy development activities and evaluation of transplant system performance. Additionally, other researchers who study and assess transplant system performance will benefit from data quality improvements. It also aligns with regulations that require timely and institution-specific performance data be made publicly available in order to appraise the quality of transplantation programs.

Tell us what you think

  • What are the most common reasons your organization changes data values after they have been officially submitted?
  • What circumstances or conditions prevent your organization from submitting accurate data within the current deadlines?
  • In addition to what is currently available, what data quality resources or electronic tools would help your organization ensure data are submitted accurately and within the established timeframes?


Anonymous | 08/13/2019

I would support this proposal if the TRR forms had the same pre-transplant questions as the TCR does. In implementing this change there would be no reason to alter the data on the TCR at time of transplant. I would support the policy change for the 2 times a year where data needs to be changed during the review periods.