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Modify appointment process for histocompatibility committee vice chair

Proposal Overview

Status: Public Comment

Sponsoring Committee: Histocompatibility Committee

Strategic Goal: Promote the efficient management of the OPTN

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Read the proposal (PDF; 8/2019)

Contact: Christopher Wholley

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You may be interested in this proposal if

  • You work at a histocompatibility laboratory

Here’s what we propose and why 

The OPTN Histocompatibility Committee proposes to remove language from the OPTN Bylaws requiring an election to appoint the committee’s Vice Chair.  This position is currently determined by a national election every two years. This process is different from the appointment process of all other OPTN Committees, so the Histocompatibility Committee believes it is important to be consistent with the practices applied with other OPTN committees. The Committee views this appointment process as inefficient in light of improvements in the existing leadership appointment process.

Why this may matter to you

The OPTN will continue to seek histocompatibility experts to serve on this Committee. Committee leaders (Chair or Vice Chair) are usually drawn from the committee they currently serve on. The Committee feels confident that future Vice Chair candidates will possess the needed expertise to handle the complex issues faced by the Committee.