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Clarifications on reporting maintenance dialysis

Proposal Overview

Status: Public Comment

Sponsoring Committee: Living Donor Committee

Strategic Goal 5: Promote the efficient management of the OPTN

Read the proposal (PDF; 1/2019)

Contact: Justin Moore

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Executive Summary

Members have raised questions regarding the meaning of the phrase “begins dialysis” in Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Policy 18.6: Reporting of Living Donor Events. Currently, it is not clear whether the phrase “begins dialysis” requires reporting chronic dialysis representing end-stage renal failure (ESRD), acute dialysis, or both under OPTN Policy 18.6. In addition, there are several other areas within policy language, the Transplant Information Electronic Data Interchange (TIEDI®), and the OPTN Patient Safety Portal, which refer to the decrease or loss of renal function in a living donor using inconsistent terminology.

This proposal clarifies when transplant hospitals should report chronic versus acute dialysis in the sections of OPTN policy and harmonizing terminology on OPTN forms. This will help hospitals accurately report living donor events. In addition, greater clarity in reporting will improve safety reviews and the understanding of clinical events after living donation.


Region 7 | 02/08/2019

Region 7 vote-6 strongly support, 4 support, 3 abstentions

Region 1 | 02/18/2019

Region 1 vote-8 Strongly support, 6 support, 0 abstain, 0 oppose, 0 strongly oppose