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OPTN policies are rules that govern operation of all member transplant hospitals, organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and histocompatibility labs in the U.S. Policies are made through a collaborative process involving committees, the board of directors and the public.

All 20 policy sections are contained in one PDF (3 MB). Once you open the document, you can navigate to the section you need by clicking on the table of contents. 

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The OPTN Policies were last updated on 05/21/2020. The updates included the implementation of the “Modify HOPE Act Variance to Include Other Organs” proposal, consisting of changes to the following policies:

  • 5.3.B: Infectious Disease Screening Criteria
  • 5.4.E: Allocation to Candidates Not on the Match Run
  • 5.5.C: OPO Requirements for Positive HIV Results
  • 15.7.C: Transplant Hospital Requirements for Transplantation of HIV-positive Organs
  • 16.6.A: Extra Vessels Use and Sharing

The 05/21/2020 OPTN Policies updates also included a technical correction related to the proposal “Clarification of Pre-Existing Liver Disease.” The following policy was updated:

  • 9.1.B: Pediatric Status 1A Requirements

 If you have questions about these updates, please contact