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OPTN Evaluation Plan

The OPTN evaluation plan provides guidance to OPTN member transplant centers, OPOs and histocompatibility labs on how UNOS, as the OPTN contractor, assesses member compliance with OPTN policies and bylaws. It is updated periodically to reflect the latest changes to policies and bylaws. Reviewing this information will help members stay up-to-date so they can revise their operational compliance procedures as needed.

View the complete evaluation plan (PDF - 735 KB)
Updated 10/18/2018

OPTN Evaluation Plan
No.Compliance Requirements
Policy 2 Deceased Donor Organ Procurement
Policy 3 Candidate Registrations, Modifications, and Removals
Policy 5 Organ Offers, Acceptance, and Verification
Policy 6 Allocation of Hearts and Heart-Lungs
Policy 8 Allocation of Kidneys
Policy 9 Allocation of Livers and Liver-Intestines
Policy 10 Allocation of Lungs
Policy 11 Allocation of Pancreas, Kidney-Pancreas and Islets
Policy 13 Kidney Paired Donation
Policy 14 Living Donation
Policy 15 Identification of Transmissible Diseases
Policy 16 Organ and Vessel Packaging, Labeling, Shipping, and Storage
Policy 18 Data Submission Requirements
Appendix B OPO Membership Requirements
Appendix C Histocompatibility Laboratory Membership Requirements
Appendix D Transplant Hospital and Transplant Program Membership Requirements
Appendix F Membership and Personnel Requirements for Liver Transplant Programs
Appendix K Transplant Program Inactivity, Withdrawal, and Termination

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