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Learn about lung CAS

How your lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS) is calculated and used

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How the calculator should be used

The lung CAS calculator is a tool that can be used to estimate each lung candidate's CAS range using various patient factors.

What the calculator isn't

The lung CAS calculator cannot accurately predict how long any patient will live with or without a transplant. It is not a definitive measure of life expectancy on the waiting list or post-transplant survival. It does not include all factors that influence survival and does not take into account any quality-of-life benefit patients may receive from transplantation. Talk to your physician or your transplant team about your specific situation.

How to calculate a lung score

When calculating the lung CAS, enter as much data as you can. You can use the Calculated Panel Reactive Antibodies (CPRA) calculator to calculate your detailed CPRA. The following guide is also available: A Guide to Calculating the Lung Composite Allocation Score (lung CAS)

Lung CAS calculator