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The OPTN's secure transplant information database contains all national data on the candidate waiting list, organ donation and matching, and transplantation. This system is critical in helping organ transplant institutions match waiting candidates with donated organs. Institutions also rely on the database to manage time-sensitive, life-critical data of all candidates, before and after their transplants.

The OPTN Equity in Access to Transplant Dashboard monitors system-level and factor-level trends related to access to deceased donor transplants among candidates on the waiting list for an organ transplant in the United States. The OPTN strategic plan prioritizes providing equity in access to transplants.

The measures shown in this dashboard are derived from an access to transplant score, or ATS. The ATS summarizes into a single number a candidate’s relative likelihood of receiving a deceased donor transplant. Learn more about equity and access to transplant scores in the 2017 Report on Equity in Access.

View the Equity in Access dashboard
Waiting list candidates as of today 8:02am
Program Name Count
All 110,081
Kidney 92,890
Pancreas 887
Kidney/Pancreas 1,727
Liver 12,360
Intestine 252
Heart 3,486
Lung 1,072
Heart/Lung 51
All candidates will be less than the sum due to candidates waiting for multiple organs
Transplants performed January - May 2020
Program Name Count
Total 15,002
Deceased Donor 13,056
Living Donor 1,946
Based on OPTN data as of 07/06/2020
Donors recovered January - May 2020
Program Name Count
Total 6,870
Deceased Donor 4,932
Living Donor 1,938
Based on OPTN data as of 07/06/2020