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Patient Affairs Committee

All OPTN activities impact transplant patients either directly or indirectly. The OPTN Patient Affairs Committee advises the Board of Directors and engages with its committees from the perspectives of transplant candidates, recipients, living and deceased donors, and families. The Committee works independently, or with other Committees, to develop initiatives and policy proposals of significant importance to patients, including transplant access, outcomes, and safety. The Committee develops and provides patient perspective on OPTN educational content.

  • Mr. Darnell M Waun
  • University Hospital, University of Texas Health Science Center
Vice Chair
  • Mr. Garrett W Erdle
  • General Public Region 11
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Diego A Acero North Shore University Hospital/Northwell Health Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Dr. James S Bowman Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2021  
Julie Ice General Public Region 11 Regional Rep. 6/30/2024  
Amit Khimji General Public Region 11 Regional Rep. 6/30/2021  
Ms. Sarah Koohmaraie Texas Children's Hospital At Large 6/30/2022  
Mr. Kenny J Laferriere New England Organ Bank Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Marvin Lim General Public Region 3 Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Ms. Stephanie Little General Public Region 7 At Large 6/30/2021  
Earl S Lovell General Public Region 5 Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Molly J McCarthy General Public Region 6 Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Dr. Anita Patel Henry Ford Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
James W Sharrock General Public Region 4 Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Ms. Julie L Siegel General Public Region 8 Regional Rep. 6/30/2021  
Ms. Raelene Skerda Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2022  
Mr. David Skinner General Public Region 7 Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Mr. Eric Tanis General Public Region 10 Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Mr. Phillip Williams General Public Region 2 At Large 6/30/2021  
Christopher G Yanakos General Public Region 2 Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  

Meeting Summaries

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