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Patient Affairs Committee

The Patient Affairs Committee advises the UNOS Board of Directors and other committees about patient and donor family perspectives on OPTN policies and initiatives that originate in other committees. It may work independently or with other Committees, as approved by OPTN leadership, in the development of initiatives and policy proposals with significant import for topics of interest to patients, including transplant access, outcomes, and safety. The committee helps develop and provide input on educational OPTN-related information for transplant candidates, recipients, families, and patient groups.

Current Projects

  • Mr. Darnell M Waun
  • University Hospital, University of Texas Health Science Center
Vice Chair
  • Garrett W Erdle
  • General Public Region 11
    • Members
    • Organization
    • Ms. Mary Beth Callahan
    • General Public Region 4
    • Julia H Coleman
    • General Public Region 1
    • Ms. Melanie A Deal
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Mr. Jeffrey Graham
    • General Public Region 9
    • Mrs. Debra L Hammel
    • General Public Region 6
    • Amit Khimji
    • General Public Region 11
    • Dr. Anil Kotru
    • Geisinger Medical Center
    • Ms. Kristie B Lemmon
    • General Public Region 6
    • Ms. Stephanie Little
    • General Public Region 7
    • Mr. Luis F Mayen
    • Donor Network West
    • Ms. Denise S Neal
    • Emory University Hospital
    • Elizabeth Rubinstein
    • General Public Region 10
    • Ms. Julie L Siegel
    • General Public Region 8
    • William E Tribett
    • General Public Region 4
    • Mr. Phillip Williams
    • General Public Region 2
    • Ms. Leslie Wyers
    • General Public Region 2

Meeting Summaries

Looking for something else? Contact us at or (804) 782-4800. We maintain an archive of historical OPTN documents.