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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee may:

  • act conditionally for the Board of Directors, subject to confirmation of such actions by the Board of Directors
  • review issues that require action by the Board of Directors, including the proposal of solutions to conflicts among the recommendations of the various standing and ad hoc committees;
  • make recommendations to the Board of Directors, for or against, on any issue, in instances where the Executive Committee has not acted conditionally; and
  • provide guidance on the interpretation of prior actions of the Board of Directors and to temporarily suspend or modify the implementation of recently adopted bylaws and policies that are not achieving their intended effect.

  • Ms. Sue Dunn
  • Donor Alliance
Vice President
  • Dr. Maryl R Johnson
  • University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
    • Members
    • Organization
    • Dr. Christopher D Anderson
    • University of Mississippi Medical Center
    • Dr. Yolanda T Becker
    • University of Chicago Medical Center
    • Dr. Randee B Bloom
    • General Public Region 10
    • Dr. James S Bowman
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Ms. Theresa M Daly
    • NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Univ. Medical Center
    • Ms. Danyel Gooch
    • Indiana University Health
    • Dr. Macey L Henderson
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital
    • Frank L Holloman
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Dr. Bertram L Kasiske
    • Hennepin County Medical Center
    • Mr. Christopher J McLaughlin
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Dr. Akinlolu O Ojo
    • General Public Region 5
    • Dr. David J Reich
    • Hahnemann University Hospital
    • Deanna L Santana
    • Sierra Donor Services
    • Dr. John L Schmitz
    • Histocompatibility Laboratory at UNC Hospitals
    • Mr. Brian M Shepard
    • UNOS Employees

Meeting Summaries

Report to the Board of Directors

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