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As of June 2, 2016, UNOS Connect is your new resource for educational webinars for transplant professionals. Sign in to register for upcoming events and to access webinar recordings.

  • UNet Users: If you have access to UNOS Secure EnterpriseSM systems: UNet, WaitlistSM, DonorNet®, TIEDI®, KPDSM and other UNOS-developed transplant applications, your account is already set-up and there is no need for you to register. Access UNOS Connect with your UNet username and password. This will allow you full access to the site to view system training recordings, register for policy webinars and view materials.
  • Other Users: The first time you visit UNOS Connect, you will need to complete a brief, online form to register for the site. After that, you will have access to a wide range of UNOS instructional offerings and materials, except system training.

Available webinars, by category


  • Ethical considerations for pediatric allocation


  • Region 4 OPO effective practices in donation after circulatory death
  • Informed consent and psychosocial and medical evaluation for all living donors
  • New living kidney donor program requirements: standardizing patient care


  • New histocompatibility testing requirements for KPD
  • New HLA typing requirements for candidates and deceased donors


Kidney paired donation
  • Introduction to kidney paired donation
  • Introduction to OPTN policy 13: kidney paired donation
  • Navigating the logistics of kidney paired donation
  • OPTN/UNOS kidney paired donation pilot program (KPDPP) town hall
  • OPTN/UNOS kidney paired donation pilot program town hall
Kidney allocation system
  • Introduction to the new kidney allocation system (KAS)
  • Kidney allocation system: town hall Q&A session
  • KAS: what your candidates need to know (English)
  • KAS: what your candidates need to know (Spanish)
  • KAS: resources for protocols and processes


  • HCC in liver transplantation: appearances are everything
  • The living liver donor: new OPTN policy requirements for follow-up data reporting


  • Revisions to the lung allocation score system: what you need to know


  • Preparing for change: the new pancreas allocation system
  • The OPTN presents: introduction to the new pancreas allocation system

Patient Safety

  • Effective communication can save lives:
    • Infectious disease verification in the living donor
    • Communicating and documenting allocation decisions
    • ABO verification in the OR
    • Organ discards
    • Proactively avert errors
  • Alignment of OPTN policies with the 2013 PHS guideline for reducing transmission of HIV, HBV and HCV through solid organ transplantation
  • Applying the 2013 PHS guideline for reducing transmission of HIV, HBV, and HCV when evaluating an organ donor - a two-part program
  • Extra vessels dispositions reporting
  • Toxoplasma screening


  • Demystifying the MPSC transplant program performance review process
  • Region 4 effective practices in leadership and organizational culture change
  • MPSC performance monitoring series: Bayesian methods for assessing transplant
  • SRTR CUSUM charts: a quality improvement tool for transplant programs


UNetSM login required

  • Expanded candidate and deceased donor HLA typing requirements
  • New report of organ offers
  • OPTN KPD histocompatibility testing requirements
  • Updates to pediatric heart status justification forms