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2010 OPTN / SRTR Annual Data Report Available

The 2010 OPTN / SRTR Annual Data Report (ADR) is now available for online viewing at It includes chapters on kidney, pancreas, liver, intestine, heart, and lung transplantation, chapters on deceased donor organ donation and allocation policy, plus an appendix. The organ-specific chapters include sections describing the waiting list, deceased donor organ donation, living donor organ donation, transplant, donor-recipient matching, outcomes, immunosuppression, pediatric transplant, and center characteristics.

This is the first ADR to which the current SRTR contractor has contributed. It features a new design and format, with an emphasis on graphical presentation of the data. More than 400 figures and tables are presented. Viewing options include e-reading (to read the ADR as a book) and printer-friendly PDFs. Like the ADR as a whole and its individual chapters, figures are downloadable (as PowerPoint slides). Also downloadable (as Excel files) are the data from which the figures and tables were generated. Accessible via the above webpage are numerous data tables ( that are not part of the ADR proper. The SRTR invites user feedback via email to

This ADR is a publication of the Department of Health and Human Services. It was developed by the OPTN and SRTR contractors of the Health Resources and Services Administration, Healthcare Systems Bureau, Division of Transplantation. The OPTN contract requires production and dissemination of this report; the SRTR contract requires coordination of the descriptive chapters and data-related sections of this report.