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Ad Hoc Disease Transmission Advisory Committee

The Ad Hoc Disease Transmission Advisory Committee considers issues related to the transmission of disease through organ transplantation. The Committee examines individual potential disease transmission cases reported to the OPTN in an effort to confirm transmissions where possible. It reviews aggregate data on all reported cases to assess the risk of donor disease transmission in organ transplantation in the U.S. with the goal of providing (1) education and guidance to the transplant community toward preventing future disease transmission and (2) input in developing policy to improve the safety of organ donation through the reduction of donor derived transmission events. It may identify disease-transmission related patient safety issues to be addressed, as appropriate, by the OPTN.

Dr. Daniel R Kaul
University of Michigan Medical Center
Vice Chairman
Dr. Cameron R Wolfe
Duke University Hospital
Ms. Shandie H Covington
Members Organization
Dr. Sridhar V Basavaraju Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, HHS (ex officio)
Dr. James S Bowman Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
Mr. Douglas E Bremers The Nebraska Medical Center
Dr. David J Conti Albany Medical Center Hospital
Mr. Chris Curran New England Organ Bank
Dr. Richard B Freeman Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital
Dr. Michael D Green Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Dr. Melissa A Greenwald General Government
Ms. Frances M Hoffman Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Dr. Mary K Klassen-Fischer General Public
Dr. Paul A Lange Gift of Life Michigan
Ms. Kristin Ludrosky The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr. Marilyn A Menegus Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center
Dr. Marian G Michaels Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Dr. Michele I Morris Jackson Memorial Hospital University of Miami School of Medicine
Dr. Michael A Nalesnik University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Dr. David P Nelson Integris Baptist Medical Center
Dr. Joanna Schaenman University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center
Dr. Costi D Sifri University of Virginia Health Sciences Center

Meeting Summaries
PDF Format  April 2014 (88 K)
PDF Format  May 2014 (49 K)
PDF Format  March 2014 (147 K)
PDF Format  January 2014 (89 K)
PDF Format  December 2013 (93 K)
PDF Format  August 2013 (77 K)
PDF Format  March 2013 (219 K)
PDF Format  February 2013 (88 K)
PDF Format  November 2012 (46 K)
PDF Format  August 2012 (340 K)
PDF Format  March 2012 (66 K)
PDF Format  March 2012 (51 K)
PDF Format  February 2012 (51 K)
PDF Format  February 2012 (54 K)
PDF Format  January 2012 (56 K)
PDF Format  December 2011 (48 K)
PDF Format  November 2011 (50 K)
PDF Format  August 2011 (49 K)
PDF Format  August 2011 (45 K)
PDF Format  September 2011 (45 K)
PDF Format  September 2011 (53 K)
PDF Format  October 2011 (50 K)
PDF Format  July 2011 (57 K)
PDF Format  June 2011 (60 K)
PDF Format  April 2011 (44 K)
PDF Format  May 2011 (55 K)
PDF Format  April 2011 (337 K)
PDF Format  March 2011 (51 K)
PDF Format  January 2011 (45 K)
PDF Format  February 2011 (46 K)
PDF Format  September 2010 (100 K)
PDF Format  April 2010 (75 K)
PDF Format  September 2009 (58 K)

Reports to the Board of Directors*
PDF Format  June 2014 (1.71 MB)
PDF Format  November 2013 (272 K)
PDF Format  June 2013 (478 K)
PDF Format  November 2012 (278 K)
PDF Format  June 2012 (176 K)
PDF Format  November 2011 (485 K)
PDF Format  June 2011 (170 K)
PDF Format  November 2010 (314 K)
PDF Format  June 2010 (1.59 MB)
PDF Format  November 2009 (697 K)
PDF Format  June 2009 (609 K)
PDF Format  November 2008 (145 K)

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*Note: Meeting summaries are prepared for each meeting of the full committee. Reports to the board are prepared for specific meetings of the board of directors. They contain documentation of all committee activity since the previous report to the board and also will include any recommendations that the board is requested to consider at that meeting. Certain recommendations may have been accepted, declined, or modified by the Board of Directors; therefore, please review the Executive Summaries of the board of directors' meetings to confirm the status of all committee proposals.

Meeting summaries and reports to the board remain posted here for the previous two calendar years. For older documents, please contact the UNOS staff liaison listed above. Additionally, report exhibits may be requested from the liaison as well.

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